On October 4, 2018, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) held its sixth public workshop in Zurich, Switzerland, on “Predicting the safety of food contact articles: New science and digital opportunities.

Speakers from academia, research institutes, food brands, consultancies, regulatory authorities, consumer organizations, and retailers shared their perspectives on the chemical safety of food contact materials (FCMs), presented the latest scientific findings, and discussed digital tools and challenges.

The key messages of the contributions are captured in short speaker interviews with Dr. Ksenia Groh, Dr. Martin Wagner, Prof. Dr. Bruce Blumberg, Prof. Dr. Terrence J. Collins, Dr. Sander Koster, Sonja Eijpe, M.Sc., Dr. Kristin Isaacs, Dr. Pelle Moos, Malene Teller Blume, B.Sc., and Dr. Jane Muncke. The speaker spotlights are now available on the event website.