In an article published on June 7, 2017, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch informed that Belgian and Dutch authorities commenced harmonizing their national laws on food contact coatings. This was reported by Peter Oldring from coatings manufacturer Valspar at the 2017 Global Food Contact conference hosted by food packaging consultancy Smithers Pira in Rome, Italy (FPF reported). Specifically, Belgium and the Netherlands intend to harmonize the conditions for migration in their coatings legislations and thus “have invited food contact industry associations to a joint meeting to discuss these efforts,” Oldring explained. He asserted that “the viewpoint from industry will not dictate the legislation but is offered as a pragmatic way forward, while protecting the consumer.”

In September 2016, the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Public Health and Safety of the Food Chain and Environment published the Royal Decree on varnishes and coatings for food contact which entered into force on January 1, 2017 (FPF reported). The Netherlands is currently updating the Commodities Act Regulation on Packaging and Consumer Articles Coming into Contact with Foodstuffs, including the chapter on coatings.

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