A news article published September 26, 2014 by the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) discusses a new report on nanomaterial definition released by the European Commission’s (EC) Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The new report aims to clarify various issues regarding the definition and assesses the possibility of expanding the current definition to other types of nanostructured materials. Further, it compares the current EC nanomaterial definition with other existing definitions. The EC definition requires 50% of particles in a number based particle size distribution to fall into a specific range size. As such, the definition differs from other definitions employing mass or volume of the particles as the main classification feature, the authors conclude.

The new report builds on a first report revealing challenges of the recommended nanomaterial definition (FPF reported).

The third and final report of the series, to be published later in 2014, will include recommendations on how to modify the definition in order to increase its clarity, as well as effectiveness and implementability.

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NIA (September 26, 2014). “EC JRC publishes second in Series of Reports looking toward the Review of the Recommended Definition


JRC (August, 2014). “Towards a review of the EC Recommendation for a definition of the term “nanomaterial” Part 2: Assessment of collected information concerning the experience with the definition.(pdf)