On December 18, 2017, the European polyethylene terephthalate (PET) industry association Petcore Europe released the PET collection and recycling rates and total tonnages that were achieved in 2016. The 2016 PET recycling survey for Western Europe was conducted by consultancy PCI Wood Mackenzie and commissioned by Petcore Europe. 59.8% (or 1,880,900 metric tons) of PET bottles and containers placed on the European market in 2016 were collected and 1,773,200 metric tons were mechanically recycled. Compared to 2014, the collection rates increased by 7.4% and the recycling rates grew by 7.3%, Petcore Europe reported.

The full report is available for Petcore Europe members on the association’s website; non-members can request the report directly at PCI Wood Mackenzie. The survey results will be presented in detail at the 2018 Petcore Europe conference to take place on February 7-8, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium (FPF reported).

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