On February 2, 2014 Sandy Bauers reports in the “GreenSpace” column of the Philadelphia newspaper’s The Inquirer on recent findings of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) bisphenol A (BPA) research program. She states that the $30 million USD heavy program was able to show several adverse effects of BPA, including infertility, weight gain, behavioral changes, early-onset puberty, cardiovascular effects, and diabetes. A recent study showed increases in cancer risk when human prostate cells implanted into mice are exposed to BPA. The article cites Linda Birnbaum, NIEHS director stating that there are still answer missing regarding BPA’s toxicity. Sarah Vogel, director of the health program at the non-governmental organization Environmental Defense Fund contends that a common replacements of BPA, bisphenol S (BPS), is very similar to BPA and may even display more estrogen activity. Also Birnbaum claims that harmful chemicals may be replaced with compounds simply lacking data, rather than with safer alternatives.

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Sandy Bauers (February 2, 2014). “GreenSpace: More evidence that BPA is harmful.The Inquirer.