On April 3, 2019, non-governmental association The European Association for Food Safety (SAFE) held an event to present the release of a special issue of the journal Trends in Food Science & Technology. The February 2019 issue of the journal is titled “Keeping Food Safety on the Agenda for 15 years – The SAFE consortium” and contains 22 short review articles from invited experts across the five themes of: Food in the Circular Bioeconomy, Safe Nutrients, Emerging Food Safety Threats, Chemical Contamination of Food, and Communication of Food-Related Risks. Each theme within the issue was led by a SAFE member.

One article within the issue focuses specifically on the challenge of considering low dose effects during the evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that can exist in food and food packaging. Other articles discuss topics such as microplastics in food, possible safety issues in using biorefinery products in food value chains, and decreasing food waste while ensuring food safety. Presentations from the release event are available on the SAFE website, and the published articles are accessible in the online version of the journal.

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SAFE (April 3, 2019). “SAFE Special Issue in Trends in Food Science & Technology Release Event 3 April 2019.”


Trends in Food Science & Technology (February 2019). “Keeping Food Safety on the Agenda for 15 years – The SAFE consortium.” 84:1-80