On December 21, 2020, the industry association PlasticsEurope announced the release of the updated version of a sustainable plastics strategy paper (FPF reported) by The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) in cooperation with several industry partners.

The main strategies discussed in the report include “Sustainable-by-Design”, “Sustainable Recycling” and “Alternative Feedstocks.” The authors evaluated changes in the current stage of development of these technologies including mentioning challenges, showing their scopes, and evaluating the technical readiness level (TRL) and proposed impact of each project.

Specific targets of the technology readiness levels to be reached by 2030 have been set for some of the projects (e.g. mechanical recycling). However, two years after the first version of the document has been published, many actions remain in the pilot or research stage.

The report is intended to be a “living document” and present a “shared vision” to be updated on a regular basis that “demonstrates how collaboration within the plastic value chain can be a driving force for change” and what future research is needed to fulfill priorities of the EU’s Green Deal (FPF reported).

Industry associations that have contributed to the report include CeficPlasticsEurope, European Plastics Converters (EuPC), and the European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform (ECP4). 

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