The feature length documentary Story of Plastic is reported to have made its first showing at a film festival in California, U.S. Developed within the Story of Stuff Project, the film follows the life cycle of plastics and was filmed at locations in the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, and India. It is reported to interview and document the experiences of people in each of these countries working to address the global issue of plastic pollution. “I don’t think most people know that if you want to stop plastic from going into the ocean in Indonesia you need to ban fracking in the Ohio River valley,” said Stiv Wilson, executive producer of the film. “So our intention with the film is to show the entire system of plastic and that includes every stage and also that upstream the human health concerns are way more significant than eating fish that’s eaten plastic — living next to a refinery for plastics is going to be far more dangerous.”

The film is currently touring film festivals in the United States, and discussions are underway with distributors to make it widely available.

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