Opinion: TSCA reform must protect public health

Article by health professional Leonardo Trasande outlines opportunities and drawbacks of current bills to reform U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act for protection of human health

First responses to RIVM’s BPA report

Dutch health ministry backs the RIVM’s call to reconsider EU-wide exposure limits and tighten national controls for BPA; EFSA says BPA reevaluation planned ‘next year’

IPCP launches project on EDCs

International Panel on Chemical Pollution launches UNEP-supported project aimed to produce several overview reports on EDC exposure and effects in the environment

Controversy on EDC criteria in EU

Commissioners Andriukaitis and Vella discuss scientific criteria for identification of EDCs at press conference of EU Environment Council meeting; debate about potency continues

EU Environment Council on EDCs

EU environment ministers call for urgent action on EDCs; video published on occasion of Environment Council meeting discussing EDC criteria

EDC criteria should be science-based

Endocrine Society meets European Commissioner, highlights EDCs as public health threat and urges Commissioner to adopt science-based criteria without potency cutoffs

Opinion: EDC criteria must be adopted now

European Consumer Organisation calls on EU Commissioner to adopt science-based criteria for endocrine disruptors now and not wait until summer 2016

EU FCM policy briefing

Non-profit organization HEAL publishes policy briefing on regulation of FCMs in the EU; prioritizes regulation of paper and board, varnishes and coatings, and printing inks; calls for ban of SVHCs and EDCs in food contact materials

Children’s exposure to EDCs

New study finds BPA, nonylphenol, phthalates, and parabens in American children’s urine; call for further research on EDC’s role in pediatric hormonal disorders

Bisphenol F disrupts thyroid endocrine system

Study shows bisphenol F disrupts hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis and leads to body length reduction in zebrafish larvae