EU FCM policy briefing

Non-profit organization HEAL publishes policy briefing on regulation of FCMs in the EU; prioritizes regulation of paper and board, varnishes and coatings, and printing inks; calls for ban of SVHCs and EDCs in food contact materials

Children’s exposure to EDCs

New study finds BPA, nonylphenol, phthalates, and parabens in American children’s urine; call for further research on EDC’s role in pediatric hormonal disorders

Bisphenol F disrupts thyroid endocrine system

Study shows bisphenol F disrupts hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis and leads to body length reduction in zebrafish larvae

BPA classified as reproductive toxicant

European Commission’s REACH Committee adopts draft regulation classifying BPA as ‘toxic for reproduction’

Environmental chemicals in fish

Studies find decreasing levels of toxics in fish globally and increasing occurrence of intersex fish in pristine environments

ToxCast assays need improving

New study shows the ability of ToxCast assays to predict obesogens is unreliable; senior researcher comments on features in need of improvement

Further research on BPS safety needed

The Washington Post interviews senior scientist about BPS effects on zebrafish embryo development; comparison to BPA shows that BPS is not necessarily safer

EU Parliament debates EDCs

Scientific criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals will be out before the summer 2016, says EU Commissioner during plenary debate

BPA and BPS impact embryonic development

New study demonstrates disruptive effects of BPA and BPS on embryonic development and reproductive system in zebrafish

Response to BPA roadmap

Health and Environment Alliance submits comments to Commission’s BPA roadmap, recommends banning all bisphenols with endocrine disrupting properties for FCMs