Project on the European exposome

New European Human Early-Life Exposome (HELIX) project to investigate prenatal environmental exposures and biomarkers of disease and child health outcomes

Liver tumors in BPA exposed mice

New study finds liver tumors in BPA exposed mice, first to detect tumors rather than precancerous lesions

Transgenerational effects and EDCs

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on transgenerational effects of EDCs, new NIEHS research to investigate mechanisms and number of chemicals involved

Physicians to reduce patient chemical exposure

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists publishes opinion; physicians to advise patients on chemical risks and their reduction

How pregnant women can reduce toxic chemical exposure

NGO blog gives guidance for pregnant women on how to avoid toxic chemicals, addresses food contact materials

Early BPA exposure linked to hyperactivity, depression and anxiety in boys

New study investigates effect of prenatal and childhood BPA exposure on behavior in school aged children

137 chemicals in cord blood of Canadian newborns

Environmental Defence detects food contact substances in cord blood

BPA exposure is harmful

ANSES report opposes scientific opinion by EFSA

Maternal BPA associated with lower birth weight, contradictory results?

Environmental Health Perspectives’ journalist Kellyn Betts comments on recent findings inversely associating prenatal BPA exposure and body weight

BPA during pregnancy affects thyroid function in newborn boys

First study to link maternal BPA exposure to neonatal thyroid function in male newborns but mechanisms remain unclear