In an article published on January 10, 2020, certification company SGS reported that in July 2019 the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection published an emergency technical regulation that regulates the migration of lead and cadmium from glass and ceramics that come into contact with food. The regulation includes a set of harmonized system codes specifying which products are within scope and migration limits for both substances from the different material and article types. It also sets out a requirement for conformity assessments and certificates from an accredited certification body. For ceramic and porcelain pitchers with a volume greater than 3 liters, for example, the set migration limit for lead is ≤ 2.5 mg/L and for cadmium is ≤ 0.25 mg/L. A full list of the set limits by material and article type are provided within the SGS article. The regulation entered into force on July 16, 2019 and will remain effective for one year until July 15, 2020.

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