In an article published on October 1, 2018 by regulatory news provider Chemical Watch, reporter Cristina Caro informed that “Argentina has notified the WTO [(World Trade Organization)] of a proposed draft Mercosur Resolution, listing the permitted additives for the manufacture of plastic materials and polymeric coatings in contact with foodstuffs.”

The draft resolution “defines calculation methods” and puts forth some specific migration limits and usage restrictions. It also proposes some changes to the table of substances listed in the “currently applicable Mercosur Resolution 32/07” to improve correspondence with European regulation; approximately 1,150 substances are currently listed there.

The WTO is accepting comments on the draft proposal until November 4, 2018. Once finalized and adopted, the draft resolution is expected to “repeal the previous law” in the Mercosur member countries (i.e., Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela).

Earlier this year, several Mercosur countries also adopted new regulations on cellulosic food contact materials (FPF reported).

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