In a press release published on November 3, 2016 the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) presented the latest industry data on glass packaging recycling. FEVE reported that the glass recycling rate in the 28 EU Member States has reached 74% for the first time. Over 11.6 million tons of glass were collected within the EU in 2014, which is 3.5% more than in 2013 (FPF reported).

“Glass stands alone as the most closed loop recycled food and drink packaging in the EU and in the world,” FEVE stated. Still, 26% of glass bottles and jars end up in landfills in Europe. There is further “need for targeted investments in infrastructure and communication to citizens, not only in countries where there are important gaps to fill, but also to maintain the high standards of the traditionally good performing countries,” stated Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of FEVE.

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FEVE (November 3, 2016). “Glass packaging closed loop recycling up to 74% in the EU.