The Food Packaging Forum (FPF) has created a tutorial video that guides users through its newly released Food Contact Chemicals Database (FCCdb) (FPF reported). In the video, FPF scientist Ksenia Groh shows users how to locate information on chemicals they are interested in within the database as well as explains core aspects of the methodology behind the database’s structure.

The database is downloadable as an Excel file from the Zenodo repository, and it is supported by an open-source scientific publication in the journal Environment International that presents key results from analyzing the collected data. The current version of the database contains over 12’000 food contact chemicals (FCCs) that are potentially used in the manufacture of food contact materials and articles and was developed through the review of over 50 governmental, industry, and civil society sources. One of the key features of the FCCdb is a list of 608 priority substances that is available as a downloadable supplementary Excel file. The database was developed within the ongoing Food Contact Chemicals and Human Health (FCCH) Project at the Food Packaging Forum. More information about the database is available on the dedicated resource page.

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