On December 11, 2019, the European Commission (EC) announced the publication of a Joint Research Centre (JRC) report that provides guidance for “the correct implementation of the European Commission’s nanomaterial definition” under Commission Recommendation 2011/696/EU. Specifically, it outlines measurement methods and techniques in order to determine whether or not a material falls within the definition. The publication of the report came just a few weeks before a January 1, 2020 deadline for companies to provide additional information on nanomaterials under REACH (FPF reported).

The report emphasizes that “for a correct classification whether a material is a nanomaterial or not, a thorough knowledge of the applied measurement method is needed to correctly interpret the outcome of a measurement and to understand whether a specific technique is fit for the purpose.” It provides examples and options for readers to consider, including a flowchart to assist in the identification. In February 2019, the JRC published a first report providing an overview of the concepts and terms used within the EC’s definition of a nanomaterial (FPF reported).

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