On June 3, 2019, the Retail Leadership Council (RLC) of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) published a statement from major retailers that have “collectively identified a set of chemical and application priorities for innovation in safer alternatives.” Priority product categories and priority chemical classes for innovation were defined for six chemical functions including use as a: plasticizer, water and stain repellant, flame retardant, preservative and anti-microbial, surfactant, and solvent. The statement further lays out a “transparency road map” that includes a timeline for implementing best practices related to business to business and business to customer data sharing about product ingredient labeling and disclosures.

Mike Schade from the non-governmental organization (NGO) Safer Chemicals Healthy Families stated in an article that “we commend these retailers for identifying product categories and chemical functions that are priorities for innovative actions. The retailers’ voices add to growing momentum to phase out classes of toxic chemicals, such as PFAS, flame retardants, and phthalates. Brands and chemical manufacturers across global supply chains should pay close attention to this new list and then develop and transition to safer alternatives.” The RLC is composed of major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS Health, The Home Depot, Kingfisher PLC, Lowe’s, Staples, Target, and Walmart.

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