Bisphenol A and lead in mothers and children in Vienna and Bratislava

The Austrian study Um-MuKi (Environment, mother, child) found lead and bisphenol A in the blood of mothers and children in Bratislava and Vienna

Phthalates found to trigger early menopause

Study associates phthalates with 2 year earlier onset of menopause

EFSA opinion approves VACUREMA Prime® technology based PET recycling processes for food contact materials

EFSA approved the use of materials derived from four types of recycling processes of PET bottles in food contact materials intended for long term storage.

DEMOCOPHES: environmental contaminant burden in mothers and children in Berne, Switzerland

The Federal Office for Public Health in Switzerland (BAG) states that environmental contaminant burden of substances such as phthalates and cadmium found are not at levels that would pose a risk to public health.

Printing ink components identified in food stuff

Final report of a German project on the extend of the presence of printing inks from packaging materials in food stuff published

French proposal for Bisphenol A ban enters another round

The French senate adopted a legal proposition which would ban Bisphenol A in food packaging designated for children under three years of age. All other packaging intended to come into contact with food would have to state that this product is not suitable for pregnant women and children under three. The amendments made by the senate require now adoption by the French National Assembly. 

Bisphenol A metabolite possibly more potent new study suggests

A new in silico study shows that the bisphenol A metabolite MBP has a higher affinity for both human estrogen receptors

IFT meeting prioritizes safety of food packaging

Safety of food packaging is a priority topic at the upcoming annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) next July in Chicago, USA.

Urinary Bisphenol A levels in pregnant women linked to reduced thyroid stimulating hormone in newborn boys

A study investigating the association of maternal Bisphenol A levels with maternal and neonatal thyroid hormone levels finds an association between maternal urinary BPA and thyroid stimulating hormone levels in male neonates.

NGOs question need for additional EFSA opinion on EDCs

NGOs send letter to EU Commissioners concerning the recent announcement by EFSA for another scientific opinion on endocrine disrupting chemicals. EFSA plans to publish the opinion in March 2013.