In an article published on June 19, 2018 by science news portal Chemistry World, reporter Emma Stoye informed of a new UK fund to support “research and innovation” aimed “to change the way plastics are manufactured and consumed in a bid to tackle the environmental problems caused by plastic waste.” Of the £20 million, half is dedicated to “business led research and development: Plastics ‘Innovation’ funding.” Another £8 million are allocated to “Research: Plastics ’Creativity’ funding,” and £2 will support “Leadership and Knowledge Exchange: UK Circular Plastics Network funding.”

Quoted in an article published by UK Research and Innovation on June 18, 2018, UK science minister Sam Gyimah called on scientists “to come up with new technology and also new plastics that do not harm the environment so much.” He further clarified that “this means moving from current model of make, use and dispose to a new model where you use, you reuse and you recycle.”

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