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2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs released

Endocrine Society summarizes EDC research of the past six years and links EDC exposure to various health problems

Endocrine Society: 2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs

Endocrine Society releases executive summary of second Scientific Statement on EDCs; mounting evidence on associations between exposure to EDCs and various health problems such as diabetes and obesity

Prevalence and trends of diabetes in the U.S.

New study finds that about 50% of U.S. Americans had diabetes or pre-diabetes in 2011-2012; diabetes prevalence stabilizing since 2008

Workshop on obesity and environmental contaminants

Obesogens to be discussed in October 2015 in Sweden

Chemicals, diabetes and obesity

NGO publishes list of studies linking environmental chemicals to diabetes and obesity

Chronic diseases require attention

Global alliance of national research institutes addresses chronic disease prevention; global leaders need to assume responsibility

Obesity and diabetes risks programmed in the womb

New study finds fetal brain response to sugar associated with mother’s insulin sensitivity

Diabetes cases reach 382 million

Press agency Reuters reports on diabetes epidemic, expected rise of 55 % until 2035

Plastic chemicals affect children’s health

Two new scientific studies making headlines, one linking BPA to childhood obesity, the other links the phthalate DEHP to insulin resistance

Nature: Linking obesity and Bisphenol A

Researcher reviews in the scientific journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology evidence of Bisphenol A causing obesity in children and adolescents .

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