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FPF Workshop 2019: Non-monotonicity explained

Ana Soto presents biological mechanisms underlying non-monotonic dose-responses, explains why non-monotonicity is ‘useful to organisms, challenging for regulators,’ discusses CLARITY-BPA’s successes and limitations

Health effects of PFAS exposure

Epidemiologists examine possible associations between PFAS exposure and metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, fetal and child development

Meta-analysis of BPA’s link to diabetes

Meta-analysis of epidemiological studies finds positive association between BPA exposure and type 2 diabetes risk

Health effects of perchlorate exposure

Review of perchlorate’s human health effects finds ‘mixed results’ regarding neurodevelopment; Austrian assessment of dietary perchlorate exposure finds exceedance of tolerable daily intake levels for high consumption; recent studies address effects in newborns, other effects

BPA human study: Effects on insulin response

First experimental study in humans finds low-dose exposure to bisphenol A alters insulin response to oral and IV glucose, possibly increases diabetes 2 risk

Early puberty in girls

The Wall Street Journal discusses early onset of puberty in U.S. girls; obesity and exposure to EDCs considered key factors, according to experts

Food packaging chemicals in ToxCast

Scientists use ToxCast data to prioritize food-relevant chemicals for safety testing; identify obesity- and diabetes-related chemicals, and chemicals affecting growth and development; multiple food contact chemicals found to be active in ToxCast assays

Diabetes: 422 million cases worldwide

Diabetes prevalence has increased worldwide between 1980 and 2014, according to new WHO study; article discusses range of chemicals potentially linked to diabetes and obesity

Diabetes and chemicals

Role of chemicals in diabetes etiology not discussed in WHO Diabetes Day statements, despite existing scientific evidence; patient shares his story

Opinions: Toxic chemicals in everyday products

Article in New York Times outlines the issue of exposure to toxic chemicals from common products and the consequences for human health

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