NGO alliance calls on US FDA to update regulations

NGOs in the United States including Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Earth Justice, and the Environmental Defense Fund, launch campaign calling on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to update its rules about chemicals present in food packaging; new campaign targets heavy metals, PFAS, phthalates, and perchlorate

EDF’s advice for new FDA commissioner on chemicals

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) suggests how new US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner can better address toxic chemicals in food; calls for systematic and regular reviews to update older assessments, follow Congressional mandate to consider cumulative effects, prohibit perchlorate, lead, and ortho-phthalates from food contact materials

US EPA rejects setting perchlorate limits in drinking water

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces that no federal limits will be set on perchlorate in drinking water; administration defends decision as necessary to remove overregulation, health advocates argue it is illegal and unscientific

Study warns of perchlorate effects

Scientists led by Vanderbilt University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine identify mechanism perchlorate uses to block iodine uptake in thyroid cells, argue pollution in drinking water more dangerous than previously thought

EFSA working group updates in April 2020

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA CEP panel and working groups on BPA, FCMs, and recycling plastics published

US FDA defends authorization of perchlorate

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) files for judgment in its favor in ongoing court case with group of non-governmental organizations, argues perchlorate will not enter food supply at dangerous levels through dry food packaging

FDA sued over perchlorate petition rejection

Six U.S. NGOs file lawsuit against U.S. Food and Drug Administration over denial of earlier petition to ban perchlorate in FCMs; accuse FDA of ‘not protecting our health,’ call for petition reassessment

FDA denies hearing on perchlorate

U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejects request by nine NGOs to hold a public hearing challenging earlier decision on perchlorate in food packaging; requestors now considering legal options

Perchlorate from food packaging

Civil Eats discusses the existence of perchlorate in foods as well as upstream sources from packaging and processing; decision from U.S. Food and Drug Administration on allowed use still pending

NGO awaits response on perchlorate

NGO requests response from U.S Food and Drug Administration eighteen months after submitting objection on continued use of perchlorate in food packaging