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EFSA: Dietary exposure to perchlorate

EFSA publishes assessment report on human dietary exposure to perchlorate; younger population shows higher exposure levels than older population

NGOs challenge FDA’s inaction on perchlorates in antistatics

Several U.S. NGOs file objection to FDA’s decision for continued use of perchlorates in antistatic agents in food packaging; formal public hearing requested

FDA denies action on perchlorates in antistatics

U.S. FDA supports industry petition and revokes use of potassium perchlorate in sealing gaskets for food containers; denies action on NGO petition to revoke perchlorate use in antistatic agents in food contact articles

Hazardous chemicals in the diet

Environmental Defense Fund blog post summarizes potentially dangerous chemicals present in food and food packaging; urges U.S. Congress and FDA to take action

Chemicals harm brain development

New report by the non-profit organization CHEM Trust summarizes the effects of environmental chemicals on child brain development; calls for phasing out harmful chemicals as groups, not removing them one by one

Rising perchlorate in food likely due to packaging

Total diet study by U.S. FDA finds perchlorate levels in food increased in 2008-2012 compared to 2003-2006; NGOs suggest this may be due to perchlorate’s use in food packaging first allowed in 2005; concerns voiced about potential impacts on child development

FDA decision on perchlorate postponed

NGOs and FDA request to pause court case concerning perchlorate petition; FDA aims to reach final decision on use of perchlorate in food packaging by March 2017

Perchlorate: NGOs vs. FDA

Consortium of U.S. NGOs file lawsuit against FDA for failure to act on perchlorate petition; developmental exposure to perchlorate linked to brain deficiencies

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