Cautious use of recycled plastics in food packaging

EU plastics strategy promotes using recycled plastics in food packaging, however food safety needs to be guaranteed, Euractiv article illustrates

EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 22nd meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

EU Commission’s draft regulation on transparency in risk assessment

EU Commission proposes regulation to improve transparency and sustainability in risk assessment of food safety in the EU; feedback accepted until June 8, 2018

EU Parliament’s draft resolution on plastics

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee publishes draft resolution on EU strategy for plastics in circular economy; deadline for tabling amendments May 3, 2018

Toolbox for nanomaterial safety assessment

JRC develops inventory of tools for assessing nanomaterial safety; toolbox freely accessible on JRC’s website

Implementation of EDC criteria for biocides

EU biocides authorities settle how criteria to identify endocrine disruptors for biocides will be realized; criteria to apply from June 7, 2018; ECHA and EFSA prepare final guidance document

Stakeholders discuss EU plastics strategy

EU Commission holds stakeholder conference on circular economy and plastics strategy; industry experts call for stronger legislative support to reach recycling goals

Opinion: Don’t undervalue plastics

UK MEP cautious about drastic measures to eliminate plastics use, highlights benefits of plastic packaging to ensure food safety and reduce food waste, calls for increased recycling and innovation to tackle plastic waste

Opinion: REACH authorization stifles substitution

NGOs ChemSec and ClientEarth criticize implementation of REACH regarding substitution of hazardous chemicals; request ‘safeguard mechanisms’ to double-check applicants’ analysis of alternatives on the market

Second REACH review published

European Commission releases second review of REACH regulation, highlights how REACH enhanced chemical safety, suggests actions for improvement