EPR regulations expanded in Canada and US

Canadian province of Ontario expands extended producer responsibility (EPR) scheme for paper packaging from covering half of recycling cost to full cost by 2023; adds single-use food packaging to program; legislatures in US states of Maine and Oregon pass EPR legislation that includes food packaging; governors of both states need to sign for bills to become law

Packaging stakeholders endorse EPR statement

Over 100 businesses from the packaging value chain endorse extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes for packaging; includes food brands and packaging companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé, Mars Inc., and TetraPak, as well as NGOs, recyclers, and government organizations; endorsers commit to aligning their organization to EPR principles and support engagement with governments, peers, collaborators, and stakeholders

Recommendations on implementation of EPR

Upstream publishes overview article discussing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging, sees recent improvements; views EPR as foundation of circular economy and calls for EPR policies to also focus on developing new reuse/refill systems, include targets for litter prevention and mitigation; advocates for binding reuse targets similar to EU’s recycling targets to create conditions for businesses to safely invest in upscaling reuse