Mineral oils in FCMs

Industry news address mineral oils in food and food packaging, stress the use of efficient barriers

Mineral oil shows estrogenicity in vitro

New study to be presented at upcoming EUROTOX conference shows first research into endocrine disrupting properties of common food contact material contaminant

2nd draft of German mineral oil ordinance

Germany holds hearing for 2nd draft ordinance on mineral oils; hopes for European action

Mineral oils in oat flakes

German consumer magazine tests oat flakes for contaminants, finds flakes tainted with mineral oils

German draft proposal on mineral oil migration is met with skepticism

German ministry proposes regulation of mineral oils in food contact materials, receives criticism from German paper and board industry

PET tight barrier for chemical migration, PE only sink for chemicals

Swiss researchers compare mineral oil, phthalate and UV initiator migration across different barrier materials

Recycled paperboard food packaging is a manageable source of chemical contaminants

FPF reports on new European study showing that inner bags can reduce overall migration, depending on material used

Migration of mineral oils and DIPN from paperboard into dry foods

Swiss and Italian researchers publish new study comparing the effect of different testing and storage conditions on migration behavior of MOSH, MOAH and DIPN from paperboard into non-fatty dry foodstuffs. Observed levels of migration were in the part per million (ppm) range (mg/kg food). Migration levels were highest for egg pasta packaged in paperboard and enclosed in an outer polypropylene bag.

Mineral oil, DIPN migration from paperboard

New study of mineral oil and diisopropyl naphthalene migration from paper and board under different storage conditions, storage durations and temperatures

Aromatic Mineral Oils measured in chocolate from advent calendars

A German Consumer Protection Agency measures mineral oils at levels higher than 10mg/kg in chocolate from advent calendars and finds some to be contaminated with aromatic mineral oils