Utility of bioassays in safety assessment

Scientists demonstrate utility of bioassays in FCM safety assessment using 4-nonylphenol (4NP) as model substance; 4NP levels detected by bioassays considered relevant for safety assessment

Plastics additives in marine environment

Scientists review occurrence and effects of plastics additives in marine environment; focus on brominated flame retardants, nonylphenols, bisphenol A, antioxidants

Children’s exposure to EDCs

New study finds BPA, nonylphenol, phthalates, and parabens in American children’s urine; call for further research on EDC’s role in pediatric hormonal disorders

Chemicals of concern in pizza boxes

Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals tests pizza boxes and finds fluorocarbons and other chemicals of concern in all samples

Spotlight on compliance of plastic resins

Study by regulatory enforcement officers highlights insufficient compliance work by polyolefin producers on migrating substances from plastics intended for food contact

FCM acutely toxic to fish

Researchers study lethality of aquarium fish held in polyethylene bag; toxic levels of nonylphenol found to migrate into salt water

Bottled waters from Spain analyzed for some EDCs

94 brands of bottled waters sold in Spain analyzed for presence of substances of concern, contamination levels well below safety thresholds

US: Antioxidant approved for FCMs

US FDA approves antioxidant for FCMs: nonylphenol-free phosphite for use in LDPE and HDPE

New FPF report: Nonylphenol from food packaging

New study shows method for identifying the endocrine disrupting chemical nonylphenol in food packaging materials