FPF Workshop 2019: FCM oversight in Denmark

Mette Holm gives overview of approaches to FCM inspection and control by Danish Ministry of Environment and Food; latest monitoring study on PFAS in paper and board FCMs still finds intentional addition of PFAS; Denmark bans PFAS in paper and board FCM from 2020

Draft EU regulation on BPA in FCMs

EU Commission opens commenting period for draft regulation on BPA in varnishes and coatings for food contact, establishes new specific migration limit of 0.05 mg/kg food; no BPA migration permitted from food contact plastics for infants and toddlers

Suggestion for EU FCM regulatory change

Koni Grob of the Official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich publishes two articles proposing a new approach to FCM regulation in the EU; key elements are improved compliance work by industry thanks to better enforcement and dedicated database of approved substances and materials

Monitoring contaminants during recycling

Scientists present sensor technology for detection of organic and inorganic contaminants in real-time during processing of recycled plastics; validate with PET recycling process

EU plastic FCM regulation amended

European Commission publishes 7th amendment to plastic FCM regulation; inclusion of 6 new substances in Union List; new SML for nickel; food simulants and compliance testing specified; food contact surface area to volume ratio clarified

EU plastic converters discuss risk assessment of FCMs

Food Contact Plastics Seminar highlights NIAS, printing inks, provides regulatory updates

EU: New regulation on official controls

Newly adopted revision of EU Regulation on Official Controls aims at simplifying the control system for food safety along the entire supply chain, foresees increased efficiency in preventing, eliminating or reducing health risks

EFSA: 4th FIP network meeting on FCMs

EFSA’s Food Ingredients and Packaging Scientific Network held fourth meeting on food contact materials on February 16, 2017; discussions focused on coatings; interest group on evaluation of coatings formed

Opinion: Food safety plans should cover chemical hazards

Environmental Defense Fund emphasizes that chemical hazards must be regularly considered in food safety plans; illustrates relevant procedures using the example of lead contamination in food

EU working group on FCMs: New meeting minutes

EU Commission’s working group on FCMs discusses ex-post evaluation of FCM framework regulation, supply chain survey, EU measure on printed FCMs, plastic recycling, and monitoring of mineral oils in food and FCMs