EU technical expert group for FCMs: Latest meeting minutes

DG SANTE’s technical expert group for FCMs discusses plastic recycling, ex-post evaluation of FCM framework regulation, supply chain survey, and EU measure on printed FCMs

EU working group on FCMs: Latest meeting

EU Commission’s working group on FCMs discusses baseline study on non-harmonized FCMs, EU measure on printed FCMs, information transfer in the supply chain, and draft measure on BPA

Survey: Compliance documentation in the supply chain

DG SANTE conducts survey on the use of compliance documentation as required under the plastic FCM regulation, aims to identify problems and inform development of new FCM legislation; survey open until February 10, 2017

Interlaboratory comparison of migration testing: Quantification

EU Reference Laboratory for FCMs publishes a report on interlaboratory comparison for testing the migration of caprolactam, and 2,4-di-tert butyl phenol; over 80% of returned test results considered satisfactory

P&P: Regulatory updates

Global regulatory updates presented at Smithers Pira 2016 P&P conference: final U.S. FDA guidance on FCMs for infant products expected, China updates its FCM regulation

EU plans to regulate printed FCMs

European Commission communicates intention to introduce EU-wide regulation on printing inks in food contact materials; evaluation of EU FCM framework regulation planned for 2017; study on non-harmonized FCMs to be published by the end of 2016

China updates FCM legislation

China publishes 53 mandatory national standards for food contact materials and additives, replacing all previous regulations

Formaldehyde and melamine migration from tableware

Italian scientists investigate migration of formaldehyde and melamine from children’s tableware made of melaware and other amino resins; specific and overall migration limits exceeded in some products; aging increases migration; migration cannot be predicted from product’s appearance

FPF Workshop 2016: Enforcement, migration, and BPA

Enforcement of migration limits, industry standards, and research collaboration between regulators and academics to investigate BPA’s low-dose toxicity discussed at the FPF 2016 workshop

EU Parliament: Draft report

European Parliament publishes draft report on the implementation of food contact materials regulation; calls on the European Commission to harmonize regulations for more FCMs, improve on risk assessment and enforcement