FCM analysis at BioDetectors conference 2018

11th BioDetectors conference addresses use of cell-based bioassays in food contact material safety analysis

Proceedings of ILSI NA workshop on FCMs

Summary of workshop on ‘Scientific advances and challenges in safety evaluation of food packaging materials’ now published

Call for stronger regulation on chemical mixtures

Scientists call for stronger regulation and better integration of different legislations in order to improve assessment of chemical mixtures’ risks

EFSA and JRC continue to collaborate

EFSA and EU Joint Research Centre reinforce cooperation in food and feed safety areas, including food contact materials

EFSA: Public consultation on assessing chemical mixtures

EFSA releases draft guidance documents on risk and genotoxicity assessment of chemical mixtures; public consultations open until September 15 and September 9, 2018

JRC’s policy brief on mixtures

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre publishes policy brief on approaches to ensure chemical mixtures’ safety; current JRC research on mixtures focuses on interaction effects, links to diseases, use of biomonitoring in exposure assessment

Recommendations for non-toxic environment

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) calls on EU Commission to release strategy for non-toxic environment, recommends 12 priority actions

Initiatives to address mixture toxicity

Swedish government announces investigation into mixture exposures, aims to develop risk management strategy; position paper by representatives of EU-funded projects calls for action on chemical mixtures

Sweden addresses ‘cocktail effects’ and grouping of chemicals

Government of Sweden investigates how to consider chemicals’ ‘cocktail effects’ and regulate similar substances in groups within EU chemicals legislation

TBBPA and triclosan cause higher BPA exposure

Mice study shows that co-exposure with tetrabromobisphenol A and triclosan alters toxicokinetics of BPA, results in elevated tissue levels