New FPF report: Bioplastics in food packaging

Coating, blending, and chemical/physical modifications can improve properties of bioplastics, migration issues not addressed

Denmark plans registry of products containing nanomaterials

Danish EPA launches public consultation phase on draft order, registry not to be publicly accessible

Risks and benefits of nanosilver

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on nanosilver, context is key to weighing risks and benefits

Research on nanomaterial toxicity presented

Need for grouping of nanomaterials to carry out  risk evaluation efficiently, recommends NanoGEM research program

Are industrial risks of nanomaterials covered by existing regulation?

New OECD project investigates risks emerging from the industrial application of nanomaterials

French Ministry delays deadline for nanomaterial registrations

The first country to legally require declaration of nanomaterial use delays deadline for submission

Multiple cell types testing to reduce inter-laboratory variability

New study reviews in vitro toxicity of engineered nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide cause lung injury

Exposure risks of nanomaterials not sufficiently understood

Environmental Health Perspectives reviews work of Nano GO consortium, need to develop reliable assays and methods for engineered nanomaterials

Knowledge gaps: risks of nanomaterials

New study identifies major knowledge gaps in the risk assessment of nanomaterials and makes recommendations

Conference on the health risks of nanomaterials

Final conference of project on health impact, exposition and material properties of nanostructure materials to take place in June