GenX chemicals proposed as SVHCs

New Dutch proposal calls for review of GenX chemicals as substances of very high concern in the EU; commenting period open until April 29, 2019

Health costs of PFAS estimated

Nordic Co-operation publishes socioeconomic analysis of environmental and human health impacts from exposure to PFAS; estimates EEA member countries incur 52 to 84 billion Euro in PFAS-related health costs annually

Coop Denmark bans PFAS in cosmetics

Danish retailer bans PFAS in all cosmetic products sold in its stores; informs suppliers of immediate change, remaining non-compliant products to be phased out in September 2019

NGO maps PFAS contamination

The Environmental Working Group publishes report mapping PFAS contamination across U.S. sites, calls for banning PFAS in firefighting foams and consumer products including food packaging

Analysis of packaging policies in U.S. states

Analysis shows 8 more U.S. states consider elimination or reduction of PFASs in food packaging; widespread focus on policies requesting disclosure of chemical composition

Denmark considers banning PFASs in FCMs

Danish Ministry of Environment and Food reviews ban on all organic fluorine compounds in cardboard and paper food packaging