EU legislation on drinking water contact materials

Industry association calls for harmonized EU legislation on materials in contact with drinking water; proposal by EU Commission expected by end of 2017

Chemical analysis of bottled waters in France

Scientists analyze French natural mineral waters and spring waters at bottling plants; hormones, pharmaceuticals, phthalates not detected; few samples contain low levels of herbicides, alkylphenols, or PFASs

Children exposed to lead from water and food

Formula-fed infants and toddlers in U.S. exposed to lead mainly from water and food, respectively, according to new report by Environmental Protection Agency

Unknowns about drinking water pipes

Ensia article informs about plastic water piping material PEX; discusses what is known and unknown about the material’s composition and what leaches out into water

Sweden bans BPA in water pipes

Sweden announces ban on BPA in water pipe linings, effective from September 1, 2016

Materials in contact with drinking water

European drinking water association calls for harmonized EU-wide implementation of the Drinking Water Directive and common approach for acceptance of materials and products in contact with drinking water

Sweden to ban BPA use in water pipes

Swedish government announces intention to protect infants and children from exposure to bisphenol A in tap water