On February 27, 2019, European Commission’s (EC) Directorate-General for Research and Innovation published a new report focused on plastics in circular economy, aiming to “inform policy and funding decisions on a circular economy for plastics by providing research and innovation insights from EU-funded projects and the wider scientific community.” The report “covers the entire plastics value chain” and seeks to promote “the transition towards plastic production from renewable feedstock and product design for use, reuse, repair, and mechanical, chemical, or organic recycling,” in particular by explaining “how this systemic change can be supported by innovation in business models, collection systems, and sorting and recycling technologies.”

This reference work should enable “harness[ing] the benefits of plastics, while achieving better economic, environmental and social outcomes,” so that “plastics could circulate through our society with full transparency at high-value usage, while minimizing the risks to human health and the environment.”

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European Bioplastics (March 22, 2019). “New study by the European Commission assesses the environmental impact of bio-based products in comparison to petrochemical counterparts.


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