In a press release published on June 26, 2019, the European Council announced the adoption of conclusions offering “political guidance on the development of a sustainable EU chemicals policy strategy.” The conclusions specifically address and promote efforts regarding a range of topics including improving and mainstreaming chemical risk assessment across EU legislation, promoting green and sustainable chemistry and non-chemical alternatives, supporting small and medium-sized businesses in replacing substances of concern, developing an early warning system for taking action on emerging chemical risks, and developing an EU strategy for a non-toxic environment.

The Council also calls on the European Commission (EC) to develop an action plan by December 2019 to address registration dossier compliance within REACH and “to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment by minimizing exposure to endocrine disruptors.” The plan should contain an “unambiguous timeline” and “concrete measures.” Regarding nanomaterials, the conclusions request the EC “to collect and make available research data on the characterization [as well as] the hazard and potential exposure of nanoforms of substances that were so far not registered under REACH because their yearly tonnage is below the threshold of 1 tonne/year.”


European Council (June 26, 2019). “Towards a Sustainable Chemicals Policy Strategy of the Union – Council conclusions.” (pdf)

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