In December 2019, the Food Packaging Forum made its fact sheet on food packaging and human health available in a total of 18 different languages. The fact sheet provides an introductory overview regarding to the presence of chemicals in food packaging. It illustrates to consumers which food packaging materials can be present in packaging, the concept of migration into food, concerns and knowledge gaps, and fundamental principles for reducing chemical migration.

The fact sheet is now available for download and distribution as a pdf in the following languages: English, Danish (Dansk), German (Deutsch), Greek (ελληνικά), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands), Norwegian (Norsk), Portuguese (Português), Russian (Русский язык), Finnish (Suomi), Swedish (Svenska), Chinese (中文), Japanese (日本語), Arabic (العربية), Hebrew (עִבְרִית), and Hindi (हिन्दी).

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Food Packaging Forum (December 2019). “Fact Sheet: Food Packaging and Human Health.”