In an article published on August 30, 2018, by the magazine Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), correspondent Cheryl Hogue informed about actions at local, state, and federal government level in the U.S. to reduce and remediate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) pollution.

Several PFASs have persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) properties and are increasingly measured in drinking water across the U.S., Hogue explained. Therefore, various regulatory measures are being taken to address the sources of PFASs pollution and exposure. Among others, the State of Washington and the City and County of San Francisco have passed legislation to ban PFASs in food packaging and single-use food service ware.

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Cheryl Hogue (August 30, 2018). “Action on PFAS pollution broadens.C&EN