In an press release published on June 19, 2019, restaurant chain McDonald’s announced the launch of two concept restaurant sites in Canada “as incubator locations to test new packaging options and recycling initiatives.” Specifically, the restaurants will introduce “a fully re-pulpable cup for cold beverages” that makes use of an aqueous coating acceptable in recycling streams, new fiber lids that are fully recyclable, wooden cutlery and stir sticks, as well as paper straws.

“As a leader in the quick-service industry, I’m proud that we’re taking bold moves to drive forward on the important topic of packaging and our environment. We know that when we innovate in our supply chain we can move the market, as we’ve done with beef from certified sustainable sources, chicken raised without antibiotics important to human health and cage-free eggs,” said Rob Dick, Supply Chain Officer at McDonald’s Canada.

“Packaging plays a vital role in how Canadians experience and enjoy the food they choose to eat, wherever they go. As category leaders for McDonald’s packaging, HAVI has been proud to help McDonald’s push the boundaries of how their packaging can create less environmental impact while maintaining the top safety and quality standards that people expect and deserve,” said Douglas Moody-Stuart, Senior Vice President of Packaging at HAVI.

McDonald’s has globally committed to have all guest packaging be from renewable, recycled, or certified sources and for it to be recycled in 100% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide by 2025.

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