In an article published on December 12, 2018, by the non-profit organization CHEM Trust, head of advocacy Anna Watson outlined the various uses of phthalates in “everyday consumer products” (e.g., food packaging) and summarized the many adverse health effects associated with exposure to these chemicals.

In particular, Watson highlighted “the lack of EU action on phthalates in food contact materials [(FCMs)].” Michael Warhurst, executive director of CHEM Trust, stated: “Research is demonstrating yet again how we need stronger, faster and more comprehensive regulation of problematic groups of chemicals such as phthalates.” The article further mentioned a research project in collaboration with the Food Packaging Forum and other organizations aimed at identifying and prioritizing hazardous chemical in plastic packaging (FPF reported).

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Anna Watson (December 12, 2018). “Phthalates: Research finds more worrying links with human health problems.CHEM Trust