Use of plant-based packaging encouraged

The U.S. Department of Agriculture supports manufacture and use of plant-based bottles and packaging

Coca-Cola creates 100% plant-based PET bottle

Coca-Cola presents PET bottle made completely from plant materials; commercial release not yet known

Artificial photosynthesis for making bioplastics?

US scientists develop new artificial photosynthesis system that can convert carbon dioxide into chemical products, potentially including biodegradable plastics

FCMs based on bio-based polybutylene succinate

EU-funded project SUCCIPACK developed new food packaging technology, potential for large-scale commercialization over next two years

Conference on biobased packaging

“Biobased Packaging 2015” will take place in May 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Detailed online tool on bioplastics

German organic food association publishes decision-making support tool for food producers

Chitosan as a sustainable alternative for food packaging

New study uses chitosan-coatings made from shrimp shells to increase shelf-life of baby carrots

Novel photodegradable bioplastics

U.S. researchers synthesize renewable polymeric materials, light-induced degradation occurs in three hours

New bioplastic materials from agro-waste

Chemical properties comparable to conventional plastics

Bioplastics market trends and challenges

Food contact bioplastics expected to grow contiuously