Toxic Free Food Act introduced in US

Representative Rosa DeLauro introduces Toxic Free Food Act to United States House of Representatives; bill would require US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to publicly review all chemicals related to food that are currently allowed under the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) rule; novel chemicals and carcinogens would no longer be allowed under GRAS

Petition calls for US FDA to consider cumulative effects

Coalition requests US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to follow its own mandate to consider cumulative effects of chemicals present during safety assessments; covers chemicals directly added to food, substances migrating from food packaging, substances generally recognized as safe (GRAS); finds only 1 of 877 existing GRAS notifications adhered to requirement

Industry coalition backs FDA’s GRAS rule

Safe Food Ingredients Coalition advocates for court judgement supporting U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s food additive notification process; responses from plaintiffs due August 23, 2019

FDA defends GRAS rule

U.S. Food and Drug Administration argues notification program for food additives generally recognized as safe is reasonable; calls for court to judge in its favor in ongoing litigation

NGOs file for decision on GRAS rule

Environmental Defense Fund and Center for Food Safety file motion for summary judgement to district court challenging U.S. FDA’s rule on use of substances generally recognized as safe

Update: NGOs challenge final GRAS rule

U.S. court rules against FDA’s request to dismiss NGO-lawsuit on ‘generally recognized as safe’ rule

Chemicals in plastics leaching into food

Article in Vox summarizes health concerns related to chemicals in plastic food packaging, discuss U.S. regulatory system, recommend actions to limit exposure

FDA guidance on forming GRAS panels

U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues draft guidance for industry with recommendations for choosing experts to make GRAS determinations; comments can be submitted until January 16, 2018 and May 15, 2018

NGOs sue FDA over final GRAS rule

Environmental Defense Fund and other NGOs file lawsuit challenging U.S. FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) practice allowing industry to make self-determinations of food additives’ safety

Hazardous chemicals in the diet

Environmental Defense Fund blog post summarizes potentially dangerous chemicals present in food and food packaging; urges U.S. Congress and FDA to take action