Plastics additives and recycling

Scientists review chemical additives in plastics, addressing migration and environmental impact during their use, disposal, and recycling; emission of toxics and contamination of recycled products should be avoided to ensure health and environmental protection

Opinion: Use of plastic packaging must stop

Former CEO of UK’s retailer Asda claims that recycling alone cannot solve ‘plastic proliferation crisis;’ calls on supermarkets to replace plastic packaging by alternative packaging, proposes creating ‘plastic-free aisles’

“Zero-waste” stores gaining popularity

Reuters article discusses “zero-waste” concept stores and consumer lifestyle aiming to prevent packaging waste and food waste

Kenya bans plastic bags

Kenyan government enforces ban on use, manufacture, and import of commercial and household plastic bags

Seattle to ban single-use plastic food utensils

City of Seattle enforces ban on disposable plastic straws and utensils at restaurants, promotes compostable and reusable alternatives

Opinion: Too many plastic bottles

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute and consumption projected to increase 20% by 2021, resulting in environmental crisis; NGO calls on drinks industry “to reduce its plastic footprint”

Environmental impact of oxo-degradable plastics

EU-commissioned report highlights the environmental harm caused by oxo-degradable plastics; European Bioplastics calls for a Europe-wide stop of production and use until ‘better certification schemes’ are developed

Plastic-eating worms – a solution to pollution?

Scientific report on wax moth caterpillars munching polyethylene bags sparks hope for new solution to plastic pollution; closer look highlights long way ahead of transition from discovery to practice