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Consultation on flexible packaging guidelines

Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) initiative calls for comments on polyolefin-based packaging design guidelines; online consultation open until January 17, 2020

Rigid polyolefin recycling capacity in Europe

Plastic Recyclers Europe reports 1.7 million tons of installed recycling capacity for the waste stream, packaging still the largest use

Recyclability protocol for plastic films

Plastics Recyclers Europe’s ‘RecyClass’ project releases testing protocol for evaluating recyclability of polyethylene plastic films

Conference on future of polyolefins

Annual summit on the future of the polyolefins industry to take place on January 16-17, 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium; registration now open

NIAS in polypropylene films

Scientists study migration from food packaging films made of polypropylene; 74 compounds identified, 76% of them NIAS; 35% of samples show migration exceeding either SML or Cramer class-based recommendations

EFSA assesses HDPE and PP recycling process

EFSA’s CEF Panel considers HDPE and PP made from recycling process ‘Morssinkhof Plastics’ suitable for use in food contact articles intended for dry foods, fruits, vegetables and meat under specific conditions

Polyolefin circular economy platform

Plastics industry launches Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform aiming to increase reuse and recycling of polyolefin products; initial focus on packaging

Plastic-eating worms – a solution to pollution?

Scientific report on wax moth caterpillars munching polyethylene bags sparks hope for new solution to plastic pollution; closer look highlights long way ahead of transition from discovery to practice

Conference on polyolefins

Annual summit on the future of polyolefins to take place on January 18-19, 2017 in Amsterdam

PP and HDPE recycling by Pokas Arcadian Recycle

EFSA evaluates ‘Pokas Arcadian Recycle Ltd’ process for recycling of PP and HDPE for food contact applications; concludes that the process is insufficiently characterized regarding its ability to remove potential contaminants

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