EFSA guidance on using TTC

EFSA publishes guidance on using the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) approach in food safety assessment

EFSA: Consultation on TTC guidance

EFSA opens public consultation for guidance on using Threshold of Toxicological Concern in food safety assessment; public comments to be provided until January 8, 2019

Assessment of PPSU for baby bottles

Scientists characterize intentionally and non-intentionally added substances in polyphenylsulfone material intended for baby bottles; analytical results and threshold of toxicological concern-based considerations suggest no safety concerns

Oligomers in PEF polyester

Scientists find ‘abundant’ oligomers in polyethylene furanoate, identify 20 circular and linear oligomer species sized <1000 Da; exact quantities of migrating oligomers to be determined in future investigations

Oligomers in polyester coatings for metal cans

Scientists characterize and quantify monomers and oligomers migrating from different polyester coatings, find migration into real foods compared to food simulants, question predictability of standard migration procedure

Oligomers in PBT and PEN polyesters

Scientists characterize oligomers in polybutylene terephthalate and polyethylene naphthalate intended for food contact; oligomer migration from PBT considered safe based on threshold of toxicological concern considerations

NIAS in polypropylene films

Scientists study migration from food packaging films made of polypropylene; 74 compounds identified, 76% of them NIAS; 35% of samples show migration exceeding either SML or Cramer class-based recommendations

BfR statement on polyamide oligomers

German risk assessment institute evaluates migration of polyamide oligomers from kitchen utensils into food; exposure likely to exceed threshold of toxicological concern; call for more toxicity studies

In vitro bioassays for FCMs

Austrian research institute for chemistry and technology holds information event on bioassays for food contact materials on March 8, 2017 in Vienna

Health risks of ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles

Scientists evaluate health risks of migrants from ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles made of PP, PA, PES, silicone, Tritan™, stainless steel; silicone bottle, several PP bottles of ‘high concern’; Tritan™ bottle, several more PP bottles of ‘concern’