BfR statement on polyamide oligomers

German risk assessment institute evaluates migration of polyamide oligomers from kitchen utensils into food; exposure likely to exceed threshold of toxicological concern; call for more toxicity studies

FPF Workshop 2018: Save the date!

Food Packaging Forum holds 6th annual workshop on October 4, 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland; first speakers and topics confirmed

FDA roadmap for predictive toxicology

U.S. FDA publishes roadmap to further develop predictive toxicology methods for risk assessment; public workshop to be held

Modeling nanoparticles in the environment

Dutch institute for public health and environment releases computational model to determine concentrations of nanoparticles in the environment

Modeling migration of oligomers from PET

Scientists derive diffusion coefficients for PET oligomers under swelling conditions; compare predictions by Piringer and Welle migration models

New version of FACET published

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre releases updated version of FACET software enabling exposure estimations for food contact materials; free download available

Long-term migration from PET

Scientists show that for PET bottles accelerated migration tests overestimate real long-term migration; suggest use of migrant- and polymer-specific diffusion parameters instead of default values

Modeling chemical exposure via food

Scientists discuss models available for estimating human exposure to chemicals through food; chemical inputs from processing, packaging, storage, and transportation are underreported

Modeling of migration from LDPE

Scientists determine key parameters for modeling migration of benzophenone and several other contaminants from low density polyethylene into food simulants and foodstuffs; propose revision of worst-case scenario values

Decontamination of recycled polyolefins

Scientists review decontamination of recycled polyolefins, compare it to PET; existing processes need re-examination using high molecular weight surrogate contaminants