EFSA evaluates another recycling process

“Greenfiber” based on VACUREMA Prime ® technology considered safe for recycling PET into food contact materials

“FOOD RePET FGI.H.” PET recycling process

EFSA considers another recycling process safe for food contact materials

New PET recycling process

EFSA finds another PET recycling process safe, MKF-Ergis ensures safe packaging for all foodstuffs

EFSA: 2 more safe PET recycling processes

EFSA considers PET recycling processes “Pheonix-ESPS” and “RPC Cobelplast” safe

PET recycling not of concern

EFSA publishes new scientific opinions for 3 PET recycling processes, recycled PET not of safety concern when used in direct contact with food

EFSA: 3 PET recycling processes

EFSA considers PET recycling processes “LPR”, “APPE Supercycle B” and “FPR” safe for food contact

New PET-recycling process considered safe for FCM

EFSA considers “Aliplast Buhler B” safe to recycle post-consumer PET; decontamination process effective

Recycling stream can handle 10% biodegradable plastic

Bioplastics trade association contests negative impact of biodegradable PE on recycling stream; issues new study

Barriers for recycled carton

Swiss industry association starts project on barriers for recycling carton, inner bags of food packaging

Opinion: No proof that biodegradable plastics compromise recycling quality

Biodegradable plastics industry responds to European Plastics Converters (EuPC) report, EuPC study lacks empirical proof