Study detects antimony migration from PET

FPF reports on study that measured antimony migration at levels well below the official safety limits

Maternal BPA associated with lower birth weight, contradictory results?

Environmental Health Perspectives’ journalist Kellyn Betts comments on recent findings inversely associating prenatal BPA exposure and body weight

Conference on non-intentionally added substances

Swiss Food Science meeting 2013 in June focuses on NIAS

PET tight barrier for chemical migration, PE only sink for chemicals

Swiss researchers compare mineral oil, phthalate and UV initiator migration across different barrier materials

Antimony migration from PET

New study investigates extent of antimony migration from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using EU migration testing rules

U.S. TV channel reports on hormone disruptors from consumer products

NBC Dateline reporter tests herself and her young children for BPA, phthalates and triclosan exposure from food packaging and other everyday products

Recycled paperboard food packaging is a manageable source of chemical contaminants

FPF reports on new European study showing that inner bags can reduce overall migration, depending on material used

Researchers blend renewably sourced plastic with natural biocide to create active packaging

Chitosan, polycaprolactone and wheat based polymers combine to make novel food packaging with biocidal and water scavenging properties, new research published by French researchers

EU Commission publishes endocrine disruptor expert report

Scientific expert advisory group shares views on scientific issues relevant to endocrine disrupting chemicals

France sets deadline for the obligation to declare nanomaterials

The first country to oblige firms manufacturing, distributing and importing nanomaterials to report on their use