WHO launches Chemical Risk Assessment Network

WHO starts network to increase scientific exchange and collaboration in chemical risk assessment

Risks and benefits of nanosilver

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on nanosilver, context is key to weighing risks and benefits

ECHA subcommittee to discuss FCM substances

ECHA Committee for Risk Assessment meets to review new dossiers received under REACH

Food contact related European food alerts in 2012

2012 report on European rapid alerts of enforcement authorities shows slightly less food contact related notifications compared to 2011, Chinese imports of particular concern

German draft proposal on mineral oil migration is met with skepticism

German ministry proposes regulation of mineral oils in food contact materials, receives criticism from German paper and board industry

Industry criticizes new German printing ink regulation

German printing ink regulation on brink of completion, industry comments

Japan may introduce monomer and additive positive list

Researcher of Japanese National Institute of Health Sciences presents possible regulatory steps at conference

EFSA to extend adoption of BPA scientific opinion once more

EFSA introduces two-stage public consultation delaying the adoption of the scientific opinion on BPA until 2014; exposure and hazard assessments to be split in two

137 chemicals in cord blood of Canadian newborns

Environmental Defence detects food contact substances in cord blood

4 Australian states ban HDPE plastic bags

Tasmania last to ban HDPE plastic bags, biodegradable bags continue to be allowed