In a press release published on February 13, 2019, the industry association Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) announced the release of “new recycling guidelines that will help retailers and brands specify and design packaging that can be reprocessed effectively in paper mills.” The guidelines were developed with WRAP and “after broad consultation with the packaging supply chain and are intended to give clarity for retailers and specifiers about what the UK Paper Industry considers readily recyclable.”

Key messages of the guidelines include recommendations for the minimization of plastic content, having a tear-off facility available for plastic facing where possible, separate collection and processing of two-sided laminates, restricted use of metal films and laminates, and minimizing use of waxed or waxed coated papers and siliconized papers.

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CEPI (February 13, 2019). “Design for the Future: New Guidelines Support Paper-based Packaging.”


CEPI (February 13, 2019). “Paper and Board Packaging Recyclability Guidelines.” (pdf)