EC study guides creation of sustainable-by-design criteria

European Commission (EC) releases study mapping current sustainability initiatives and research applicable to creating sustainable-by-design criteria; particular focus on materials and chemicals, including a section assessing nanomaterials; finds few policies related to the production phase of a material’s life cycle; next steps are to identify specific aspects of sustainability to be covered in the criteria and how to evaluate them


ChemSec evaluates largest chemical producers

Organization releases ChemScore tool that scores top 35 chemical producers based on hazardous chemicals in product portfolios, design strategies, transparency, and history of accidents and controversies; aims to inform investors and promote investment in responsible chemical companies


Review of food packaging attributes on life cycle impacts

Peer-reviewed article in the journal Environmental Science and Technology reviews 71 published life cycle assessment (LCA) studies comparing packaging; investigates correlation of attributes such as recyclability and being biobased on total environmental impacts, recommends against focusing on individual attributes

Food Packaging & Health Food Packaging Materials


Metal food packaging


EFSA updates guidance on nanomaterials in the food chain

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) releases guidance documents on the technical requirements to establish the presence of small particles in food products, and how to perform risk assessments of nanomaterials in the food chain; includes migration of particles from food contact materials; agency reports on outcomes from the public consultation period