Review of food packaging attributes on life cycle impacts

Peer-reviewed article in the journal Environmental Science and Technology reviews 71 published life cycle assessment (LCA) studies comparing packaging; investigates correlation of attributes such as recyclability and being biobased on total environmental impacts, recommends against focusing on individual attributes

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Metal food packaging


California overhauling packaging recyclability labeling

First in US regulation to only allow recyclability labels on packaging if > 60% of the population has access to suitable recycling facilities; bill supported by local recyclers to reduce recycling contamination; Governor expected to sign into law by October 10, 2021


Toxicological and chemical profiling of plastic migrates

Scientific study investigates in vitro toxicity and composition of chemical mixtures migrating from everyday plastic products made of eight polymer types; demonstrates that thousands of chemicals can leach under realistic use conditions, including compounds toxic in vitro that contribute to human exposure; emphasizes the importance to rethink and redesign plastics to achieve safe materials


PCBs found in food packaging

State of Washington study finds PCB-11 in common U.S. food contact materials, by-product of widely used yellow pigment